Arbour - Sights & Sounds

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Catalog: INNER075 
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Digital 

Arbour's third full-length album, Sights & Sounds, represents his most mature work to date.  The balanced blend of reverb soaked guitar, refreshing keys progressions, ultra crisp beats, and elusive haunting vocals.  Arbour is able to convey a certain type of feeling and mood that is unique to his songwriting, this is the mark of a true artist and with this third album he's held nothing back. It's all here, haunting and beautiful.

Clear Transparent Vinyl - 200 copies worldwide
Ivory Tapes - 50 copies - SOLD OUT
Pink Tapes - 50 copies - SOLD OUT
Black Tapes - 50 copies SOLD OUT

~Interview with Neon Pajamas

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1. Oh Ah 
2. Early Train 
3. Magic--Pearl 
4. White Lighter
5. Digress
6. Where Am I 
7. Red 
8. You Might Feel This, Too 
9. Glassy 
10. Repetition 
11. City Glow 
12. Afternoon Jam 
13. In My Head [ft. fantompower]
14. Flyaway
15. Sorry Summer 
16. Space 
17. All The Time [bonus]