Arvo to me

Into Change

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Catalog: INNER160
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

Limited Edition Tapes // 100 copies worldwide 

// STREAM //

Into Change is an album about letting go. While home is always home, sometimes leaving it is the only way to dive into new possibilities and leave behind a life of stagnation. For Arvo to me, this meant literally moving to an island town off the Swedish mainland to study and let inspiration take hold, welcoming new events, feelings, and friends. The space between old and new is often so gradual to be lusciously liminal, a feeling of dreamy optimism and slow momentum fully felt on tracks like kolhii (with Midnatt), critic, and diver. Altogether, it’s an imaginative and scintillatingly chill album to excite every pixel of the mind.

Artwork by Ivan Merlin

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