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Catalog: INNER078
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

C40 Red Cassette Tapes // 25 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

Awlnight's sophomore release on Inner Ocean, he returns with Koolinout, 18 tracks lush with RnB/Soul that is groovy af. For years Awlnight has been hustling the music life for years, playing out live and perfecting the art of beats. Koolinout proves that those who hustle shall be rewarded, such a solid tape through and through. Big love to AWLNIGHT!

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Artwork By: Vincent Drayne

a1 listen to awlnight in the morning
a2 koolinout
a3 doit4loove
a4 give ur home
a5 pool is fool
a6 say me
a7 badway
a8 losing u
a9 ever never
b1 get ur money
b2 wish me
b3 cat’s song
b4 nataly
b5 soul food
b6 lost feeling
b7 u smokd ma shit
b8 slowdown
b9 show love