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Blackbird Belle


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Catalog: INNER144
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Streaming

Clear Cassette Tapes // 100 copies worldwide

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Enhasa is veteran producer Zack Mitchell's sophomore album under his Blackbird Belle alias, and it methodically paints a portrait of a musician obsessed with tonality and detail. From the crackling static and saturated analog warmth of the titular opening track, all the way through to the final moments of the soulful, triumphantly receding closer, Enhasa is permeated with lushly imagined sounds and rich, evocative timbres.

The title of the record is lifted from a mythical kingdom, built many millennia ago amidst a series of monolithic, floating mountains, all chained together and anchored to the sky during a golden age of wonder. As a record, Enhasa lives up to its namesake. The album is imbued with that very same magic, juxtaposing a mystical sense of air, space, and melodic resonance within each beat with the weight and impact of near-liquid percussion and a diverse array of punctuated grooves.

Put simply, Enhasa is an album tailored for the headphone cosmonauts and the deep divers - eight beats that are all at once inviting and enveloping, that gradually unfurl and reveal new layers with each dedicated listen. Enhasa will be released on August 14th, 2020.



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Artwork by Hector Mansilla 
Tape Design by Zack Mitchell

1. Enhasa
2. A Certain Zeal
3. Luna
4. Looking Glass
5. Parallelism
6. The Life Exotic
7. Cloud Nine
8. Solitude