1. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood
  2. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood
  3. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood
  4. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood
  5. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood
  6. Vinyl - Borealism - Whispers In The Wood


Whispers in the Wood

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Beautiful vinyl edition of white with black marble color. Edition of 200 strictly limited in this color. The mastering is perfected to a crisp and the beautiful artwork makes this one a very nice addition to your collection.

Urban Waves Records proudly presents “Whispers in the Wood” the 4th full-length album from 27 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist, Peik Wahl. In this latest installment of the Borealism project, Wahl reaches new heights, expanding his sound far beyond the limitations of his previous projects. “Whispers in the Wood” meanders across several electronic genres including downtempo and ambient, maintaining balance between melodic harmony and stark dissonance. The album is a journey of life’s imminent changes and the processes of transmutation which must follow.

As per the organic nature of the project we thought it needed a really nice vinyl issue with the incredible art by Trina Richie Hines illustrating perfectly the spirit of the album. The limited first edition comes in a white color with black marble effect and a breath taking mastering that gives the sound a mesmerizing quality on loud speakers or on headphones.

All tracks written and produced by Borealism
Artwork by Trina Richie Hines
Mastered by SterilOne at Staub Audio Engineering
Manufactured, distributed & published by Urban Waves

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