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Charlie Dreaming

Healing Dreams

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Catalog: DRFT001
Format: Digital 

Ambient sound waves by Cory Giordano, these dreams were crafted using a combination of analog and digital synthesizers. The idea was to create minimal ambient pieces that create healing dream spaces for quiet reflection and stillness. 

"Life can get easily overcrowded with all types of noise and distractions that take us away from ourselves. I made these short pieces out of necessity for myself, to bring back some stillness and carve out a full circle to this musical path I've been on. There has been many points in my life that this type of sound has been important, so this music is as much about nostalgia as it is about being present now." 

This release marks the beginning of Drift Label, the ambient and new age subsidiary of Inner Ocean Records. Drift is an ode to the past and a return to the origin sound of Inner Ocean.
released March 27, 2018 

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