1. Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021 (Orange 2XLP) - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021 (Orange 2XLP) - Inner Ocean Records

Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021 (Orange 2XLP)

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Label: Chillhop Music
Catalog: L-CR286

Cozy up for Fall with our newest Chillhop Essentials seasonal compilation. The calming and laid-back lofi instrumentals welcome falling leaves and comfy hoodies. Quiet rainfall, games with friends. It's time for some coffee or tea and an evening to relax. With more than an hour's worth of beats and vibes, the 28 song project features an impressive list of producers. Some you may know, others you may not.


Mama Aiuto - Bell Tower
Liphe - Little Bird
Kreatev - Blue Coupe
Misha, Evil Needle - Spirits
Ward Wills - Forgive
Nymano, Suuna - Mistral
Enzalla - Ancient Paths
Sofasound - How Much Longer
Smile High, Teddy Roxpin, Cloudchord - Sirens
Masked Man - Tiffany
anbuu, Blue Wednesday - Rituals
Afroham, ØDYSSEE - Later today
Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope - Fallcameearly
Montell Fish - Can’t Get Enough
C Y G N - Virtual Evening
WEI, jacuzzi jefferson, Luke Otwell - Backseat
Psalm Trees - The Shortest Day Alone
Stan Forebee - Seasons
Aso - Nice Day
Cap Kendricks - Orange
Deeb - Sunvizor Down
Ian Ewing - Claire2
weird inside - Like This
Makzo - Shanti
Kendall Miles - Colors of Fall, Wool Clothes
Aves, Snoophkeen - Matoki
fantompower - Brisk
Foxwood - Flowerbeds