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Crazy Night

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Label: Camisole Records
Catalog: CAM 019LP

After the repress of their single Eyes/Morning Rain (CAM 014EP), Camisole Records announce the reissue of Coldreams' tape Crazy Night. Recorded in 1984-1985 by a gang of young students passionate about post-punk, this record represents the culmination of the band first period. Haunted lyrics and melancholia were already the basics of their sound and from "Don't Cry" to "Crazy Night/Burning Passion," it's difficult to imagine that they were only 18 to 19 years old at that time. "Bulbs and Bubbles" and "Turn the Button" show their pop appeal which definitely takes them apart from their contemporaries and all-around gloomy feelings infuse these six tracks which unveils another part of Coldreams history. Remastered from original tapes. Available for the first time on vinyl, fully licensed. Includes insert with band history and unpublished pictures.