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  2. DJ Harrison - Monotones - Inner Ocean Records

DJ Harrison


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Label: Jellowstone
Catalog: L-JS001

April 21, 2023 celebrates the 10-year Anniversary of Monotones, the first release of DJ Harrison’s studio and record label Jellowstone based in Richmond, Virginia. For the first time Monotones will be released on vinyl and digitally re-released with three unheard bonus outtakes. For DJ Harrison, Jellowstone is a sound, a movement, and a home. Its nucleus is Harrison's fascination with vinyl records, along with traditional recording methods. Using a vast collection of tube microphones, vintage keyboards, reel-to-reel recorders and more, Jellowstone continues to honor the textures of vintage sound.

Key Selling Points:

-DJ Harrison is a Grammy-Nominated producer/multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, VA.
-This is the first time Monotones has been released on vinyl.
-Now re-released digitally with three bonus outtakes.
-DJ Harrison will continue to release his catalog, already garnering a strong fan base and millions of streams through his label Jellowstone.