1. DJ Randy Ellis - Eavesdropper - Inner Ocean Records
  2. DJ Randy Ellis - Eavesdropper - Inner Ocean Records

DJ Randy Ellis


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Label: Hobo Camp
Catalog: C-HOBO034

CQQL label head and co-founder DJ Randy Ellis lays wax to tape with the house-oriented deejay mixtape, Eavesdropper. House music is a deep musical conversation entering the ears and flowing through the body. From that initial feeling approaching a club or warehouse and hearing the muffled bass rattling the very foundation of the structure, right until you are up in front of the sound system taking on the full spectrum of frequencies, it's a personal, raw, soulful and energetic experience; you gotta really listen to feel it. Side A, After Hours focuses on straight up underground and classic house tracks, while Side B, Guest House dips more into a house-adjacent field by pulling mostly house-inspired tracks that exist within the street soul, boogie, and funk realms. House music is a private conversation with those that feel it, and luckily you don't need a private invite to eavesdrop. This hour plus sonic journey includes two equally-timed sides of banging deep, funky, soulful house action for the ears and ass...play loud.   Side A: After Hours Side B: Guest House