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Dokkodo Sounds

Mono No Aware

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Dokkodo Sounds returns on Inner Ocean with the magically heartfelt, Mono No Aware EP. This Japanese phrase speaks to the tender realization that all things in life pass. Yes, nostalgia and contemplation are strong emotions on Mono No Aware. But Dokkodo gently guides us forward with new optimism, arranging spirited vocal flourishes and fluttering koto on mirage-like pads and piano. All of it assembled over steady, swinging grooves. Undeniably warm and shimmering.

This 4 track EP is paired with a free sample pack featuring 62 loops and 55 one-shots, all created by Dokkodo Sounds. Download Here.

Dokkodo Sounds is the moniker of producer and sound designer Thomas Trueman. The name derives from a book, The Dokkodo (The Way of Walking Alone), written by one of the greatest swordsman in 1645 Japan, Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote the book in preparation for his own death, and it contains 21 precepts on how best to live your life.

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Artwork by Zom Kashwak