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Dominic J Marshall

Nomad's Land

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Label: Darker Than Wax
Catalog: DTW 056LP

Within the genetic makeup of Darker Than Wax, jazz is the key. After nearly eight years of existence as a label, Darker Than Wax present a record that truly contributes to the pantheon of jazz music. Welcome to Nomad's Land -- a sprawling, dreamy, brutally honest album from British pianist and producer Dominic J Marshall. A veteran of the live the circuit (notably touring with Cinematic Orchestra) and already an accomplished recording artist, Dominic is both virtuosic and classically-trained, yet completely free of any musical or sonic constraints.

His sound is infused with electronica and cosmic soul at every turn -- deep, dubby, and drawing on diverse inspirations. Nomad's Land is essentially an honest reflection of the artist's life experiences -- inspired by people, relationships, psychedelic experiences, and human existence. The album also represents Dominic's first outing as a vocalist, bouncing between soulful singing, spoken word, and freestyle rap. This vocal element is crucial to the album's impact, adding a layer of heart and truth to these deeply personal compositions. Deep diversity can be found throughout the record, from the sino-grime inflected "Time Unremembered", to the lush piano-trio vibes on "Feeling", to the glitchy breakbeat jazz hybridity of "DMT". Yet, despite these seemingly disparate shades, Nomad's Land is a singular statement and front-to-back listening experience, unified by beautiful production and grounded in raw musicality.