Dominic Pierce - Come Again

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Catalog: INNER032 
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette 

//We are pleased to present this release by Dominic Pierce, a longtime friend and co-founder of local label Close To Modern.

//C32 black cassette with high bias cobalt tape, 16 minutes per side. Tape contains a bonus track on Side A exclusive to the tape.


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1. Pleasure 
2. Say Wut 
3. Bis - Ness (handled) 
4. Floors N Freaks 
5. Chapstick Girl 
6. 187luv
7. Strawberry Marshmellow 
8. Alpine Milk (Feat. Flutes) 
9. Hula 
10. Good Lov (Jack) 
11. Tryna Be On Time 
12. Super J 
13. Interlude / Slurpee Wave 
14. Got This Feel 
15. Damix2001
16. See You Again (7 - Ellens) 
17. Soda Twist Lake 
18. Enrg Driz (thnx)