Drips Zacheer - Things To Do In Zero Gravity

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Catalog: INNER087
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette 

Artwork by: Milovi Gregori
Mastering by: Pouz

//20 track album on Black Cassette Tapes. 50 copies worldwide.

Like a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam floating on the cosmic shores, Drips Zacheer travels the space ways and brings us a collection of interstellar spine bending beats. Beamed directly to the people of earth with love, Drips makes some suggestions for us on some Things To Do In Zero Gravity.

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A1 Lift Off
A2 Float
A3 Wave Back
A4 Backflip
A5 Spacewalk
A6 Moondance
A7 Don't Panic!
A8 Jet Blast
A9 Meseeingyou
A10 Date In Space
A11 Don't Think
A12 Exploration Mission No.1
B1 A Trip To Pluto
B2 Alpha Centauri Tour (The Pale Blue Dot)
B3 Get Back Plan
B4 Cooking Lessons (ft. Yuki)
B5 Hello Earthlings
B6 Gatecrash
B7 Last Day Here
B8 Landing Point