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Limited edition pressings of Seeds now available! 
2000 Black Vinyl
500 White Tapes

here's my ep called seeds 

I want to say thank you, 
it's amazing how you all support my music 
it means a lot to me <3 

there happened so many bad things in my life and I always felt depressed in my youth 
when my dad died I felt like I was dead inside 
but that opened my eyes to see what I was doing with my life 
and it turned into a period of beautiful transformation 
my mind state changed, I enjoy all the little things in life and let everything come on my path 
I'm so thankful for all the good things that happen to me the last couple months 
I feel much more happy and free 

I wanted to share this because I always felt alone in my fight 
but you're not alone, there are many people who feel the same 
good things will come to you, if you focus on the positives 
and let go of the negatives 
I just hope that everyone at some point in life, find their way to be happy <3 

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