Fly Anakin - The Grand Scheme of Things

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Catalog: INNER042
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette

//C40 high bias translucent red tape cassettes. 15 tracks, 38 minute run time.  Limited to 50 tapes.

 Follow - Fly Anakin

Artwork - Jefferson Harris


Side A - The Grand Scheme of Things

1. the grand scheme of things. [prod. fly anakin.]

2. fuck tomorrow [prod. noahrimes]

3. interlude [prod. cashby]

4. heltah skeltah [ft. maxo] [prod. foisey]

5. mylife×turnt2marvelousrhymes [prod. foisey]

6. cockpit [prod. tropes]

7. lavender coupe [remix] [ft. michael millions] [prod. ohbliv]

8. cheers [outro] [prod. cashby]

Side B - Elsewhere Ave

1. 21 candles [prod. nikobeats]

2. get down

3. lovebug [let me fuck your girl pt.iii] [prod. ewonee.]

4. nigga like me [ft. koncept jack$on] [prod. fly anakin.]

5. outro [ft. cameron butler] [prod. nikobeats

6. 4ever.urs // part iii [prod. foisey]

7. we gon be okay [remix] [ft. peter $un & henny l.o.] [prod. nikobeats]