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Catalog: DRFT044
Format: Digital // Streaming

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Foxwood is the project of UK-based musician/producer Michael Nelson-Martin.

Sculpting nostalgic soundscapes and melodies inspired by the natural world and fantasy novels, "Innocence" is Foxwood's debut EP with Drift, and is an ambient/modern classical wonder. Playful and lighthearted, each song is cloaked in warmth and beauty with gliding piano, soft synth tones and orchestral longings. Foxwood has tapped into something very human and natural with his compositions, emotion and life experience baked into each song.

“Innocence” is such a stunning EP, we are now forever fans of Foxwood and will have this EP on repeat while we wait for his next release!


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Artwork by @ atmospherics


Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Confessions to the Moon
Birth of a Star

Released May 28, 2021