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In On The Kill Taker

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Label: Dischord
Catalog: DIS 070LP

2023 repress. Fugazi's third album, originally released in 1993. Remastered with full color inner sleeve. "Part of this album's beauty is the track list. It begins with the upbeat number 'Facet Squared' which is almost pop-punkish in its delivery. Essentially the tracking of the album begins it with the lightest material and by the end you're cast into Guy's own torments with the quiet brooding 'Last Chance For A Slow Dance.' The middle of the album is almost completely dedicated to the noise experimental side of Fugazi, especially the centerpiece and half-instrumental '23 Beats Off,' a soundscape of harsh noise that supposedly reflects the deterioration of a relationship... With Guy's brilliant performance, lyrically and vocally, walls of sound encapsulate his pleas of 'Why don't you come to my house? Why don't you drag me right out?'. It is truly one of the most beautiful yet aggressive songs in Fugazi's vast library." -- Sputnik Music