1. Hiroshi II Hiroshi Vol. 1 - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Hiroshi II Hiroshi Vol. 1 - Inner Ocean Records

Hiroshi II Hiroshi Vol. 1

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Label: Lawson Entertainment Inc.
Catalog: HRLP258
Release Notes
  • Domestic Balearic Masterpiece (’93) Repressed on Clear Blue

Domestic Balearic Masterpiece (’93) is repressed on Clear Blue Vinyl! Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroshi Kawanabe (Tokyo NO.1 SOUL SET) unit “HIROSHI II HIROSHI”. At that time, their chill-out ~ Balearic classic work (EP) was distributed as a picture disc with a vinyl jacket, and now it is a popular board that is traded at a high price in the second-hand market. “H2O” at the beginning that invites you to a fictitious resort by playing the claws of a gentle guitar, “BEAUTY & BEAST + BAGLE (DUB)”, a superb summer resort with a melting sound and the melancholy of the West, and other cafes that will spread throughout Japan later.・ Includes all 6 evergreen songs that became the beginning of the Del Mar fashion. In addition, the blue artwork by Hiroshi Nagai, which vividly reflects the world of the work, faithfully reproduces the design of the CD period. One piece that is in the limelight of re-evaluation even in the context of modern Balearic represented by “GOOD MELLOWS”.