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Joe Nora

Fell Into The Pool

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Catalog: INNER106
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

White Cassette Tapes // 100 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

Feel the loose rhythms, wet drums and thick, marshy bass lines ferried by radiant yet sparse guitar accompaniment to complete a masterful collection of beats  in Joe Nora’s “Fell Into The Pool”.  Ten slippery songs that playfully capture the baptismal rebirth of emerging from water into the sun scorched summer. Without a doubt Joe Nora fell into the pool and surfaced with this EP in hand. Come closer to the edge to dive in and refresh.


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A1 Fell Into The Pool
A2 Noe
A3 Aquamane
A4 Lost In The Hills
A5 Fuji4000
A6 Polenta
B1 They Said It Would Rain
B2 Plaanet (ft. Alone Time)
B3 Via (ft. Lunah & Kreider)
B4 Tamarind Ave