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  2. Lionmilk - Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 - Inner Ocean Records
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Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222

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Label: Leaving Records
Catalog: L-LR235

Lionmilk, the primary solo project of Los Angeles musician/composer/producer Moki Kawaguchi, operates in an explicitly therapeutic mode. 2021’s I Hope You Are Well was originally self-released during the onset of the pandemic as a limited run of home-dubbed cassettes, which were hand-delivered to loved ones’ mailboxes in a sort of guerrilla care campaign—a modest attempt to mitigate the sudden, profound alienation that prevailed during those early lockdown months. When Lionmilk and Leaving Records later collaborated on an official release for this once humble project, its impact grew exponentially, with fans (old and new alike) granted access to the warmth and beauty of Lionmilk’s inner circle. Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 presents the listener with yet another opportunity for deep cosmic healing.

Kawaguchi regularly foregrounds the absolute necessity of music-making as a form of self-care. First and foremost, he produces sounds and songs that provide him with some modicum of solace — “music to feel less whack to.” One of Lionmilk’s primary concerns—evident across track titles, as well as the sung and spoken words that dot his releases—is community, or more specifically, what it means to exist and act in his community. Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 ventures deeper into the paradoxes explored to great effect on I Hope You Are Well. How might we transmit our solitudes via music and to what extent? What does a shared solitude sound and feel like? And, in the context of this transaction, what novel relationships arise between the recording artist and the listener?

Composed of loops, sketches, improvizations, and voice memos recorded directly to a single cassette tape, Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 flutters, warbles, and lilts along seamlessly — an hour-long, lo-fi and jazzy paean to compassion, while clearly indebted to the ambient idiom, nevertheless constitutes some of the most politically engaged and energizing music yet from Lionmilk.

Key Selling Points:

-"The blissful music of Lionmilk—Los Angeles pianist/composer/producer Moki Kawaguchi—makes you reassess your skepticism toward “healing music.” Now, it's a stretch to say that music can relieve your shin splints or bone spurs, but I can verify that it can alter and calm your mind and slow your pulse. And that's not nothing." –The Stranger, March 2023.
-Lionmilk has toured extensively with Mndsgn and Georgia Anne Muldrow.