1. Matthew David - On Mushrooms 12" - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Matthew David - On Mushrooms 12" - Inner Ocean Records

Matthew David

On Mushrooms 12"

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Label: Leaving Records
Catalog: LR 226EP

"Leaving Records founder person Matthewdavid presents the On Mushrooms EP, a primer for the Mycelium Music album to be released Q2 2023. Both works are expressed from the same ecosystem, cut from the same cloth. The following is a listening experience testimonial written by Matt Baldwin -- esteemed Californian guitarist, writer, and psychotherapist trained in psychedelic psychotherapy." "An encounter with this music is like finding a trapdoor in the floor of your room and realizing that there has always been an endless network of glittering caves right beneath your feet. And what's more: the caves are somehow alive and networked with the pale golden filigree of secret sigils inscribed with the subtle fire of moonphased zither song. It's worth pointing out, that in dream analysis, dreams about finding hidden spaces often symbolize an expanding sense of self possibility. Matthewdavid has created a work of art that is the hidden twin of silence and darkness. Not the darkness of fear and isolation but the velvet darkness that germinates, gently caressing new forms into being. The joy of this music is in its deep privacy. It shimmers with sunlight and, like a cypress branch, holds a piece of night throughout the day. It carries us forward on waves of magnetic light and we find ourselves taken into the misty forests beyond the edge of the world where the wounds of humanity are forever healed and there is no law but imagination."