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Melodies Sample Pack

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What's inside the pack!

14 Acoustic Guitar Loops
12 Electric Guitar Loops
10 Bass Loops
10 Melody Loops
20 Drum Loops
10 Percussion Loops
10 Texture Loops

10 Bass One Shots
10 Melodic One Shots

Created by Dokkodo Sounds whose creation process is deeply rooted in the melody, this pack captures a broad range of melodic content to inspire and delight. There is a strong focus on guitars blended with organic electronic elements. The pack also includes some drum loops made using the Inner Ocean records Drums Sample Pack and textures to compliment the melodies.


Royalty free samples designed by Dokkodo Sounds.

I really hope this pack provides you with some inspiration. A lot of the sounds have come from my personal collection that I have designed over the years and I think they represent my sound well. Now I would love to hear how you incorporate them into your sound!

Please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, @dokkodo.sounds or via email, with any questions, or to share what you’ve made with the pack, or even just to say hello!"

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Artwork by Kass Ilagan