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Nights out camping in beautiful Vermont has given Notation plenty of inspiration. From long sunsets to stargazing, the Lantern EP captures the natural beauty found in the blissful silent night. The title track Lantern features a nostalgic piano motif with a lulling guitar riff. And on Otter, Notation teams up with beat-maestro David Chief for a washed out, piano-drenched closer. A warmly introspective EP.

Notation is a lo-fi and chillhop producer making beats from the verdant green mountains of Vermont. Inspired by beat giants like J Dilla, Pete Rock and Madlib, as well as main staples like west coast beatmaker Freddie Joachim and the RnB legend D’Angelo, Notation’s music is stripped down to its raw elements and emotion. Notation spends much of his time outdoors by the lake, walking through the forest, or hiking the mountains. Inspired by nature, Notation uses his talents with the piano, guitar, and trumpet to capture beautiful tranquility and simplicity.

Artwork by Kass Ilagan