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C64 Navy Blue Tapes.
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Two albums on one tape!
Side A - Romance
Side B - Short Stories


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A1 at home with you (ft faeriey)
A2 truly happy
A3 beauty
A4 after few drinks
A5 this girl
A6 falling leaves
A7 summer is gone (ft esne)
A8 skatepark blues
A9 lost & different
A10 far from u
A11 i'll never know
A12 green tea
A13 outside the bar
A14 quand la pluie tombe
A15 fishtail parka
A16 goodbye
A17 back to reality
A18 stay (ft esne)

Short Stories
B1 douceur (ft saib)
B2 jazz and rain
B3 solitude
B4 comfy
B5 people
B6 hara (ft deebio)
B7 early wake up
B8 horizon
B9 samedi soir
B10 i need your love - interlude
B11 recontre
B12 skate at night
B13 memories of you
B14 great to see you
B15 women
B16 daydream
B17 la peur
B18 bedroom thoughts