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Peter Bark + Friends


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Catalog: DRFT038
Format: Digital

Mini compilation EP by Peter Bark and his friends, Six Missing, Dokkodo Sounds and Charlie Dreaming. All songs were made using samples from Peter Bark's Ambient Sample Pack.


Sample Pack Forward

"Thank you for downloading my sample pack.  Inside you'll find 12 field recordings, 19 loops, 18 one shots and 13 single notes.

The loops, one shots and single notes were all recorded using the Teenage Engineering OP-1, Yamaha CS Reface, guitar and piano.  The sounds were processed using Norns, my modular rig, Hologram's Microcosm pedal, a Tascam Portastudio 414 mkII, and an SP404.

The field recordings were done with a Tascam DR-40 stereo recorder, a GE Fastrac cassette recorder and my iPhone.  These different recording sources will give you various flavors of atmos to choose from.

Hope these samples will inspire you to create something amazing. Feel free to reach out on Instagram (@peterbarkmusic & @inneroceanrecords) or email if you have questions or want to share your creations!" 

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Ross @Atmospherics