1. Islands Sample Pack by Peter Bark - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Islands Sample Pack by Peter Bark - Inner Ocean Records

Islands Sample Pack by Peter Bark

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Catalog: INNER118
Format: Digital / Sample Pack

Download comes with the Sample Pack and EP together!


Peter Bark has proven through his many projects that he is a sonic chameleon. An enigmatic figure whose work has explored the realms of house, hip hop and ambient, the Brooklyn based producer brings us another hotly anticipated release with his new Islands EP.  To handsomely round it all off, Islands comes paired with a stellar Sample Pack with all the beats and sounds used to create the EP for other producers to use at their leisure.

Visions of peaceful isolation come to mind like midnight floats in a distant ocean. Crystal clear production allows for glittering synths to pierce through like stars in the night sky. Thick buttery drums pulse like the heart beat that lets us know we are alive. Islands EP delicately walks the hazy line of genres , redefining classification. Peter Bark is a crusader of his own sound and the vibe is right. Connect with yourself through this release available on all platforms September 5, 2019
Cover Photo by Theo Acworth


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