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Peter Bark


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Catalog: DRFT041
Format: Digital // Streaming

New Jersey based multi-genre composer and producer Peter Bark presents "Recurring", four long form ambient meditations built around offset loops at odd lengths that evolve and morph with each pass; each moment a new shape and colour. 

The resulting 10+ minute meditations reflect Peter Bark's ability to seamlessly infuse electronics with warmth and texture to bring each moment alive with clarity and beauty.  "Recurring" imbues a strong sense of place and geography; a forested city park, gentle waves washing against a pier, the quiet murmurs of an art deco era apartment, a sombre evening stroll in the rain. 
Far more than your average background or sleep ambient, the listener who takes on "Recurring" with active ears shall be sublimely rewarded. This is the kind of ambient that connects to a part of you and reveals something entirely nameless and new.

Peter Bark has shown time and again that he's very comfortable sitting right in that balanced sweet spot of the ambient world; always focused and original with his own signature sound through modern experimentation blended with nods of the past.

Cover photo by Ross Buswell @atmospherics

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1. a day
2. a season
3. a lifetime
4. an eternity

released Apr 29, 2021