1. Porya Hatami - Land - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Porya Hatami - Land - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Porya Hatami - Land - Inner Ocean Records
  4. Porya Hatami - Land - Inner Ocean Records
  5. Porya Hatami - Land - Inner Ocean Records

Porya Hatami


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Catalog: INNER010-1
Music Production: Porya Hatami
Artwork + Design: Azad Jannati
Mastering: Jason Corder 

Originally released on Somehow Recordings in January of 2012, this second edition of "Land" has been remastered and is co-released with "Land Remixes". Buy both albums in a combo pack here:inneroceanrecords.bandcamp.com/merch 

Porya Hatami’s ‘Land’ explores a vibrant soundscape of hypnotic loops, delicately percussive chimes and manipulated field recordings to evoke the sensual, blissful minutiae of the natural world and of the life that both inhabits and interprets it. Fundamentally delicate and yet insistently, breathtakingly complete, Hatami’s keen ear for microscopic levels of sonic detail allows the album as a whole to sketch a wide-screen vision of nature at work. 

Buried deep within the gauzy, feather-light haze that permeates the album is a deep-seated sense of purpose – the insistent, bubbling loops underpinning ‘Autumn’; the porcelain synth washes of ‘Sea’; the disquieting crackles and squeaks of ‘Bug’. It’s an album obsessed with both stillness and movement, and the contradictions inherent in occupying those two modes of being lie at the heart of the record. 

Thematically profound and tonally complex, the album charts a course through a fragile natural world, constructing an exquisitely intricate tone poem from the manifold sounds of the earth and its transitory inhabitants.




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1. Autumn 
2. Rain 
3. River 
4. Sea 
5. Storm 
6. Winter 
7. Snow 
8. Bug