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Feeling Like A Child

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Label: Lawson Entertainment Inc.
Catalog: HRLP260

Release Notes
  • First ever reissue on vinyl
  • Remastered by Fumio Miura, of Presents
  • Artwork by Hiroshi Nagai
  • Commentary by Hitoshi Kurimoto

    80’s Tokyo City Pop! At that time, this press was astonishingly reminiscent of Sugar Babe. Now, this miraculous private record has finally been rediscovered after 42 years!

    Childhood friends from Nakano to Nerima gathered together and quietly recorded this work as a graduation project. In 2022, this “Feeling Like A Child”, which can be compared to Sugar Babe and So Nice, caught the attention of record store staff; ultimately leading to this album’s repressing 42 years after its initial recording.

    From the groovy and mellow opening track, “New York nante ikanai”, where guitar, bass and synthesizer interplay, to the medium funk track, “One Night Darling” this entire album does not disappoint!

    For this reissue, the excavated 8.5 inch multi-tape was produced by Fumio Miura, a core member of Presents, to create a high-resolution sound. In addition, the album’s the artwork has been renewed by Mr. Hiroshi Nagai. The record also features commentary by Hitoshi Kurimoto.