1. Tape - Project AER - Liminal Spaces
  2. Tape - Project AER - Liminal Spaces
  3. Tape - Project AER - Liminal Spaces
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Project AER

Liminal Spaces

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Catalog: INNER173
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

Limited Edition Tapes // 100 Copies Worldwide 

// STREAM //

Project AER’s debut release with Inner Ocean Records exists in that space between a full-length album and EP. Featuring collaborations with friends new and old, the 8-track project is a delicate and candid take on the melancholy that Project AER loves to explore in his music. Let the intricate layering of guitar, piano and chill beats waft over you while you reside in the place between. 

“I started making Liminal Spaces in late 2021, I became really inspired and interested in the concept of liminal spaces and found myself fascinated by photos of real-life places that encapsulated the imagery that the definition created.

I have a real love for 8-track projects, they were how I found my feet as Project AER, so I wanted to revisit the idea as a project that wasn't quite an album or EP but was somewhere in between the two. 

In choosing my collaborators for this project, I wanted to work with artists who would bring something to the table that I couldn't do on my own - v i v, who brought wonderful melodies and string arrangements that really elevated the song we worked on. Rosia!, who I'd been lucky enough to connect with recently and was surprised to find that she was based in the UK! We both collaborated on tracks for each other's projects, and one of those was this one! Colours in Context and I go WAY back - like 2013 kind of WAY back. He's been my closest friend and seen me at my worst times and my best times. I think it's hard these days for me to not want his influence on a project I make! Last but by no means least is Lost.mindd - I first got to work with Lost.mindd for a remix for my album Motions last year, I was so impressed by it and I consistently find myself wanting to work with her on future projects.

With Liminal Spaces I wanted to try and give a more desolate, delicate and candid take on the melancholy I love to explore in my music. All of these songs came from a very personal place. Luminous in particular is one of my favourite songs I've made for Project AER. All these songs were made to feel quite raw, so nothing was really quantised to be perfectly in time, mistakes and imperfections were left in wherever I could.”

Project AER is the brainchild of UK-based producer Alex Reade. Since falling in love with playing guitar, Alex has released music under countless aliases as far back as 2011. His experimentation with ambient, post-rock, pop, electronic and EDM
 has culminated in Project AER’s blend of ambience and guitar-driven beats. 



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Released June 3, 2022