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Live 1984 Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam

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Label: WHP (Italy)
Catalog: WHP 1465LP

Double LP. This is the one and only Sade caught live for Veronica's Rock Night TV broadcast on September 21, 1984 in the Netherlands, just a few months after the release of her first single "Your Love Is King." Sade is backed here by her original group, an elegant, super tight line- up featuring all four members appearing on her outstanding debut album Diamond Life plus a two-piece brass section and percussion. Needless to add that 1984 was a crucial year in Sade's career. That was when the world suddenly discovered her highly sophisticated, soulful sound world. Now, if you want to catch the whole energy of such discovery, these high-quality live recordings are the right stuff to start with. Line-up: Sade Adu (vocals); Paul S. Denman (bass); Andrew Hale (keyboards); Stuart Matthewman (guitar, saxophone); Dave Early (drums); Martin Ditcham (percussion); Terry Bailey (trumpet); Gordon Matthewman (trombone).

Track Listing:
A1. Why Can't We Live Together (T. Thomas) (5:16)
A2. Your Love Is King (Adu/Matthewman) (4:25)
A3. Hang On To Your Love (Adu/Matthewman) (5:37)
B1. Frankie's First Affair (Adu/Matthewman) (4:10)
B2. Spirit (Adu/Matthewman/Denman/St. John) (5:11)
B3. Sally (Adu/Matthewman) (5:22)
B4. Red Eye (Matthewman/Hale) (3:24)
C1. Cherry Pie (Adu/Matthewman/Hale/Denman) (5:53)
C2. Is It A Crime (Adu/Matthewman/Hale) (5:55)
C3. Smooth Operator (Adu/St. John) (6:48)
C4. Snake Bite (Adu/Matthewman/St. John) (2:13)
D1. Love Affair With Life (Adu) (4:38)
D2. When Am I Going To Make A Living (Adu/Matthewman) (3:34)
D3. I Will Be Your Friend (Adu/Matthewman) (4:40)
D4. Am I Still Wrong? (Adu/Matthewman) (2:59)