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Catalog: LS002
Format: Streaming // Digital 

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With a boom-boom bap, Saï T is back — now with more lofi crunch. This head-knocking beat is the second instalment in Inner Ocean’s Lofi Snacks series and has the hallmarks of a Saï T beat, influenced by greats like Dilla and Stlndrms; hypnotically chopped samples, scintillating swing, and a sprinkle of Sp 404 flavour. Originally produced for a daily beat video series on his Instagram, the beat is more than just a one-off — it’s also emblematic of a time where the love of beats took precedence over producing and selling beats online to fit an industry standard. Doing it for the fun of it: not overrated in the least.

The French-born producer Saï T, now based in Reunion Island, has built a signature sound with guitar and drums at the center without relying on rigid rules for how good beats are born. One day it may be creatively chopping samples, the other might be about picking up a guitar and writing a simple chord progression. The free-flowing of inspiration is afforded to musicians gifted with a natural intuition and an early-grown discipline for music-making. The result of which is a varied and expressive catalogue, full of infectious personality.  

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Artwork By: Zom Kashwak