1. Sam Gendel - Fresh Bread 2LP - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Sam Gendel - Fresh Bread 2LP - Inner Ocean Records

Sam Gendel

Fresh Bread 2LP

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Label: Leaving Records
Catalog: L-LR183

Initially quietly published then deleted via the 2020 pandemic-obscured Fresh Bread website - this all-genre Sam Gendel anthology showcases unreleased tracks collected from Gendel’s personal archive of home recordings and public performances spanning the years 2012-2020. Comprising predominantly solo works, contributing players on select tracks include Carlos Niño, Jamire Williams, Daniel Aged, Gabe Noel, and Philippe Melanson. 

This 2LP edition was specifically curated by Sam Gendel to highlight Fresh Bread moments across two LPs, and includes 18 of the 52 tracks from the digital release, at a total runtime of 1hr 24 minutes.

Key Selling Points:

-“Gendel’s “Fresh Bread” is a vast, endlessly fascinating project that not only underscores his skill on virtually any instrument he picks up but also outlines the sheer volume of melodic and structural ideas he can generate.” –LA Times
-“What might appear at first like a hard-drive dump turns out to be more like an exhibition in an art gallery.” –Pitchfork