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Miles and Miles

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Catalog: INNER081
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital  

White Cassette Tapes // 50 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

Inspiration for this albums title and tracks comes from driving around at night time when I first discovered lo-fi hiphop in 2015. Every night I would go out for a drive and turn on some of my favorite tracks and vibe out to them. This is something I still do today and it acts as an emotional outlet for me and for many other as well. The title also stands for how far I have come as a musical artist over the years. on each track I tried to capture each element of the genre from the vinyl fuzz to the classic vocal stabs, the LFO wiggle on the piano, and warm mellow samples and instruments. This is the only line that I thought could be structured better. I crafted each track to provide a minimal feel, helping to engulf the listener in intimacy and nostalgia. 

The Process 
The making of this album took place in many different places which include Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; and Richmond, Kentucky. All of these places provided many different types of inspiration for the album. accompanying me during this process was, many beautiful views of the city, many of my favorite cartoons, anime, movies, and music continuously playing. 

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street lights 
fly away 
miles and miles 
late nights 
wake up 
rain drops 
whats it like 
i love you 
far away 
last mile 
All songs produced by: Smeyeul 
All songs mastered by: Cory Giordano 
Art by: Cory Giordano 
Big thanks to Killer Bee, Borealism, Kawfee, Sum Total, Ninjoi, and Dominic Pierce for inspiration and taking time to talk to me and help improve my sound. 
Also big thanks to Chanler, Alex, Vega, Jason, Donnie, Will, Camden, Hutch, June, Josh, Jacob, David, Charlie, Evan, Matt, Chris, Conor, Antonio, and Vincent for the continued support.