Taro Nohara

Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine

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Label: WRWTFWW Records
Catalog: WRWTFWW 058LP

WRWTFWW Records announce Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine, a brand new release by Japanese producer Taro Nohara (Yakenohara). Eight tracks of pure environmental ambient bliss. Based in Tokyo, Taro Nohara is a producer, beatmaker, DJ, and music activist who made a mark with his electronic/ambient unit Unknown Me (of Not Not Fun Records fame). His new solo project, Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine, is a unique and modern take on Japanese environmental music, a free-floating re-interpretation of the sub-genre made famous by Midori TakadaHiroshi Yoshimura, or Satoshi Ashikawa (and more) fused with subtle nuances of various origins: downtempo, hip-hop, sound design, chill-out, experimental. Conceived as a two-part adventure of contemplative peace, Taro Nohara's organic soundscape takes you on a mind-soothing walk-through time (or memories) and the beautiful mysteries of luscious forests -- don't resist, let yourself go, explore. Heavy 350gsm sleeve.