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Catalog: INNER097
Format: Digital / Bandcamp / Streaming

Telemakus (/təˈlɛməkəs/ tə-LEM-ə-kəsAncient Greek: Τηλέμαχος Tēlemakhos, literally “far-fighter") 

In Homer's Odyssey, Telemachus, Son of Odysseus, is a character full of curiosity with a taste for adventure. The name meaning “Fighting from afar” much like a bow fighter would, implies an acute skill with hitting his mark.

Not unlike his fictional namesake, Telemakus hits the mark with his release of Calantha Vol.1, one in a four part series that unveils a remarkable talent for alternative jazz composition wrapped around a framework of exquisite percussion.

At 18 years old this San Francisco native executes a level of craftsmanship on the keys well beyond his years. Calantha Vol 1. is the inaugural journey into the beats of a jazz savant. Brace yourself for transcendence beyond the earth realm; enter the next dimension.

This is only the beginning.
released Dec 7, 2018 

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Artwork by Rudemanners

1. You Have Landed
2. Hallucinations
3. 1976 (ft. ØDYSSEE)
4. I Don't Know
5. Mirage
6. Lazy
7. Nighttime
8. In Plight
9. Scrumptious (ft. Otesla)
10. Onto The Next