1. Telemakus - Calantha Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Telemakus - Calantha Vol. 2 - Inner Ocean Records


Calantha Vol. 2

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Catalog: INNER105
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

// STREAM //

Telemakus, the young jazz prodigy and abstract storyteller weaves us through a cosmic exploration of atonality, swirling  rhythm and wonder set with a deep groove. In the spirit of contemporary greats like Kiefer, Telemakus shepherds us to a new world of original instrumental beats rooted firmly in jazz and hip hop. The second release in an epic 4 part series from Inner Ocean Records, Calantha Vol. 2 is the picture of uncommon talent from uncommon youth. 

The Future Is Formless.

Presented on a Limited Tape Cassette, Clear with Blue Foil, dubbed on High Bias Chrome Tape for ultimate fidelity.  100 copies worldwide.
~ Features Vol. 1 on Side A & Vol. 2 on Side B

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Artwork by Rudemanners
Mastered by Cory Giordano

1. The Cosmos
2. In Flight
3. Electric Dreams
4. Foreign Affairs
5. Falling - HAL's Fault
6. Bill In The Sky
7. On A Mission (ft. Drips Zacheer)
8. Leaving The Stars

released Mar 29, 2019