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Tenda Senda x PiPou


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We all want a vacation. To turn off our brains and let our natural inclinations bend toward what gives us inspiration. With Tenda Senda and PiPou’s Alphabet EP we get our time away. It’s a lush fantasy, created from clear-headed arrangements of guitar, keyboard, and bass. The chosen single Six Pack is a slow build for the senses, where sunny dispositions and an appreciation for simplicity well up inside. The evocative title-track Alphabet is determined to keep us in our feelings, stretching them out into a warm meditation. And with the dream-like Tyavu, the entire project occupies the lovely space between chill-out, lofi, and electronica.



Fast friends from the north of France, Tenda Senda (Paul Hezard) and PiPou (Leopold Devos) speak the same musical language. They’re both inspired by the group Air. They’ve been playing music since they were kids. And they’re both entirely focused on making the most out of every creative moment as a duo. With Hezard on guitar and Devos on Bass, their complementary skills build on the foundation of lofi beats to create chill-out compositions reminiscent of deep conversations with a friend. 


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Artwork By: Zom Kashwak