The Cure

From a Land Down Under: Live In Sydney 08/17/1981

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Label: Tape It Dee Dee (Italy)
Catalog: TPTDD 001CS

The Cure, live in Sydney on August 17, 1981. FM broadcast. The Cure in their early days broadcasted on the Australian FM radio while at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney for their legendary "World Picture" tour. A breath-taking set, with remastered audio, "Charlotte Sometimes" played live for the second time in their career, along with a plethora of hits from their early days.

Track Listing:
A1. The Holy Hour
A2. In Your House
A3. M
A4. Primary
A5. Other Voices
B1. Jumping Someone Else's Train
B2. Another Journey By Train
B3. Killing An Arab
B4. Charlotte Sometimes
B5. Killing An Arab (encore)
B6. Forever (fades out)