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Toby Schay & Friends

Community Garden

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In full bloom, Toby Schay's 'Community Garden' is a fruitful creative endeavour shared between friends. Featuring tracks from seven formidable lofi producers living across the globe, this collaborative EP is one garden you won’t want to leave anytime soon.

A collection of beat-based ambient instrumentals, these six tracks are a magical story soaked in earthy atmosphere, soft acoustic guitar, and a dreamy piano fantasia that ties everything together. The entire project is a soundscape created in the richest soils by some of the finest cultivators of lofi, whose love, care, and tender attention to their craft shine through every track.

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1 - Toby Schay & Arbour - Lying Awake
2 - Toby Schay & INKY! - Pollen
3 - Toby Schay & tapei - Miridae
4 - Toby Schay & Elijah Who - Cloudscape
4 - Toby Schay & chief. - Lily
5 - Toby Schay & Enluv - Starting Again (ft. Hippo Dreams)