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  2. TOMC - Liberty - Inner Ocean Records
  3. TOMC - Liberty - Inner Ocean Records
  4. TOMC - Liberty - Inner Ocean Records
  5. TOMC - Liberty - Inner Ocean Records
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Catalog: INNER149
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette // Streaming

Pink Tapes // 100 copies worldwide SOLD OUT
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Japanese producer TOMC is releasing his new album Liberty, March 19 on Inner Ocean Records.

Liberty channels TOMC's influences ranging from "chill out" to Japanese ambient/new age and jazz hop/lo-fi hiphop inspired by artists such as Yutaka Hirose, Nujabes and Madlib.

TOMC is a Beat & Ambient Producer who specializes in creating music that interweaves environmental sounds and ASMR - with the old and the new. He is a writer and a playlister of Japanese New Age/Ambient tracks and is an artist with deep insight into New Age and Rare Grooves.

The album contains a lot of chillout elements, but it's actually a sound that will wake you up and arouse curiosity with countless grains of sound,” explains TOMC.

In this album, he reflects on the significance of liberty and the importance of curiosity in a world where COVID-19 has spread, and where Japanese society has to reckon with economic stagnation, generational divergence, and the lingering aftermath of the nuclear accident in TOMC’s hometown of Fukushima.

The album's distinctive artwork was created by Mina Hirata, a Japanese-style painting (Nihon-ga) artist.



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01 Sanity
02 Dignity
03 Honesty (feat. arcomoon)
04 Faculty
05 Yachty
06 Curiosity (Remix) (feat. coyolate)
07 (Sanity / Vanity)
08 Vanity
09 Liberty (feat. arcomoon)
10 Amorosity
11 Bathinity
12 Fugitivity
13 Unity
14 (Vanity / Sanity)