1. Tape - Vienna - In Due Time
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In Due Time

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Catalog: INNER167
Format: Vinyl LP // Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital 

// STREAM //

Limited Edition Vinyl // 200 copies worldwide
Limited Edition Tapes // 100 copies worldwide 

From the brilliant mind of Montreal-based producer Vienna, In Due Time is a genre-bending jazz fusion album showcasing Liam Mansfield's impressive range as a beat-maker, instrumentalist and composer. His refined melodic language hits the sweet spot combining the lexicon of funk, jazz and hip-hop, punctuated by monster bass and buttery vocals that soothe the soul. A triumphant collaborative project that has arrived not a moment too soon, In Due Time is a stone-cold jazz beats classic in the making, featuring sumptuous vocals by Renon and eye-widening instrumentation from Prizm Wizard (bass) and Ryan Nadin (guitar).   


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Artwork by Nick Dahlen 

Vocals by Renon
Bass & Production by Prizm Wizard
Guitar & Production by Ryan Nadin
Production by Liam Mansfield

A1 Momentum
A2 Focus
A3 Strictly
A4 Repotting
A5 Rodeo
A6 Fruit

B1 10,000 Dreams
B2 Bald
B3 Post Up
B4 Too Fly
B5 Beat
B6 Earth in 1610

Released November 4, 2022