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Shared Space

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Radio Juicy proudly presents Vienna aka Liam Mansfield, a young Canadian producer and beat maker hailing from Montreal. Drawing inspiration from Jazz, funk and beats, his music is often described as "crunchy" and alternative. Shared Space was produced during lockdown in 2020 and is an album encompassing Liam's feelings over a heavily charged year. At times sharing space can evoke feelings of claustrophobia, but it can also often be the opposite as being surrounded can be a very positive thing. This album explores the different states we've all been through during a crazy year, and thanks to some original features and collaborations the album ends up feeling far from locked down.

This is a great project for Radio Juicy to kickstart the new year right! Bringing together an handful of artists to deliver only the best sound. Vienna has his very unique and personal style and we think his originality is what makes him a fantastic producer.

All tracks written and produced by Vienna
Additional featuring artists include, wilf, Edac, Cumulus Frisbee, Ryan Nadin, Tibe and Slowya.roll.
Mastering by sterilOne at STAUB engineering, Vienna
Artwork by Ivan Merlin
Published, manufactured and distributed by Urban Waves