1. Yutaka Hirasaka - Forever - Inner Ocean Records
  2. Yutaka Hirasaka - Forever - Inner Ocean Records
  3. Yutaka Hirasaka - Forever - Inner Ocean Records

Yutaka Hirasaka


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Catalog: INNER125
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette 

Transparent Tapes // 100 copies worldwide

// STREAM //

Yutaka Hirasaka presents his 8th studio full length album "Forever", another major piece into an already impressive catalog of music by this Tokyo guitarist and composer.  The mark of a true artist is their ability to pull influence from any musical realm and adapt it into their own distinct sound and style; Hirasaka's sphere is whole and complete.  Clear nods to legendary guitarist John Frusciante's sounds from the early 2000's artfully blended with modern Lofi and Chillhop beats creating that unique Hirasaka vibe.

Another future classic, easily to be one of the top albums of 2020.

Painting by Masayuki Shikada
Design by Kota Wakai


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