Zac Colwell


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Catalog: INNER188
Format: Vinyl // Tape Cassette // Streaming

Black Limited Edition Vinyl // 100 Copies Worldwide
Fluorescent Orange Limited Edition Tapes // 100 Copies Worldwide


Music for the film "la ragazza dei tuoi sogni".

An album written for a film that doesn't exist, Zac Colwell invites us to step inside his dreamworld inspired by Italian cinema of the 60's and 70's. An enchanting and sentimental journey from start to finish, "Vianello" is a rare gem that only gets better with repeat listens, landing somewhere in the realm of jazz with Colwell's signature cool sound dripping over each song.  Dreamy rhodes, airy flutes, elevated saxophone, tripped out vintage synths, swingin drums... the ingredients are all there in perfect proportion. Without question "Vianello" is a future cult classic album who's appreciation and substance will only solidify with time!

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Side A    
1.  Rosetta
2. Cherubina
3. Amarcord
4. Candida
5. Arianna
6. Intermezzo

Side B   
1. Ambra
2. Carabella
3. Sofia
4. Ladonna
5. La Sera
6. Romina

Performed by Zac Colwell
Produced by Zac Colwell and Peter Bark
French Horn on Intermezzo by Sky White Tiger
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion