Tape - ZOD1AC - Tides
Tape - ZOD1AC - Tides

ZOD1AC - Tides

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Catalog: INNER121
Format: Digital // Tape Cassette 

Translucent Blue Tapes // 75 copies worldwide SOLD OUT

// STREAM //

Water holds both the qualities of softness and destruction, the gentle weightlessness of mist and the overpowering mass of the seas. This duality serves as a reminder of the beautiful and delicate balance we all exist within.

In a similar way water provides the inspiration for ZOD1AC’s first album with Inner Ocean Records. On “Tides” we find ourselves grounded by the mass of the low end, ominous 808 booms hold us down throughout while simultaneously we float lightly like mist with playful and enchanting melodies. Tides is engaging, diverse and displays the true talent of a quickly rising producer. Lay back and let it wash over you.

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Artwork By: Rudemanners

1. Vapor Trails (ft. Soul Food Horns)
2. Splash
3. West Side Drive (ft. G Mills)
4. Nile
5. Floods (ft. Soul Food Horns)
6. Ripples
7. Stasis
8. Waterfall (ft. Austin Salter)