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Mono No Aware Sample Pack by Dokkodo Sounds

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The Mono No Aware Sample Pack was created by Dokkodo Sounds as a companion to his EP Mono No Aware - Listen Here.


I tried to create sounds that I would want to work with as ‘idea starters’ to kick start creativity! The pack was inspired by artists such as Volcano Choir, Tycho and Taylor Deupree. Inside the pack you will find 62 loops and 55 one-shots, all recorded with my Aston Spirit microphone. These consist of…

13 Guitar Loops – These were recorded with my Simon and Patrick acoustic. I’ve processed them using various granular and time-based effects to add unique textures to each loop.

6 Kalimba Loops – These are designed to provide an ambient soundscape to bubble away in the background of a composition.

24 ‘Organics’ Loops – These were various acoustic instrument recordings I have picked up over the years, that have been processed with various granular, tape and modulation effects!

6 Percussion Loops – These were just a few loops that I made out of my own foley recordings, to compliment any beats!

12 Synth Loops – These were some harmonic and melodic from my Minilogue XD, that have been warmed up with some analogue filters and saturation, alongside further processing inside Ableton.

35 Drum One-Shots – I designed these drums using a combination of synthesis and foley recordings. I have made them with Lo-Fi beats in mind through filtering, saturation and compression.

22 Melodic One-Shots – These are one-shots taken from the instruments used to make the loops. Heavily inspired by the Blank Forms packs, they are designed to be loaded into a sampler and instantly have an ‘analogue’ feel. I use of a lot of these synth sounds in my own music.

I really hope this pack provides you with some inspiration. A lot of the sounds have come from my personal collection that I have designed over the years and I think they represent my sound well. Now I would love to hear how you incorporate them into your sound!

Please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, @dokkodo.sounds or via email, with any questions, or to share what you’ve made with the pack, or even just to say hello!"

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Artwork by Zom Kashwak