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Dominic Pierce

Glad (Single)

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The long-awaited follow up to 2018’s Hoop Loops, Dominic Pierce’s Vivid brings us another artful blend of r&b, neo nu jack, and beats. But it wouldn’t be a mistake to call it a low-key pop album either—there’s just a different sound and magic to it. The irresistible loops are there, but so are the vocalists, who bring even more color to deftly simple arrangements on much of the album. And while there are still moments of raw, syrup-y, cut-up r&b, there’s more attention paid to deeper, low slung grooves paired with heartfelt melodies. Altogether, it’s more of what long-standing fans of Dominic Pierce have been craving. And for those who are new to the guy, you may have just stumbled on your new favorite artist.

Glad single from the upcoming album "vivid" out on June 26.

Songs and production by Dominic Pierce
Mastered at Sky Onion

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1. glad (ft. alma)
2. glad xoxo (feat. alma)